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The Alert’sRx mission is to protect the integrity of refrigerated pharmaceuticals. Dedicated to providing an exceptional service through a reliable product, we want to ensure every customer is a happy one.

Our team of industry veterans has 60+ years experience in the design and manufacturing of environmental monitoring solutions, business management and client services. The Alert’sRx Head Design Engineer has protected and monitored the environment by helming projects that range from power monitoring for Data Center applications to digital-based gas detection systems across Canada and overseas, as well as wireless temperature monitoring for industrial, commercial, food and pharmaceutical applications. For more on our sister company, visit VPprocess.com

Our enthusiasm to produce commercially viable systems that are both user-friendly and make a difference to both our direct customers and their clientele is to leave a lasting, positive footprint on this planet we’ve been entrusted with. Leave the complicated stuff to us, and let our product help you focus on what’s important.