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Can I track my order?

When you place your order, an email is sent to you to confirm your purchase along with an expected delivery date. Typically, systems are shipped within 3 business days of placing your order. You will receive a shipment notification as soon as the package is sent to Canada Post.

I just received my package, now what?

How do I install the batteries in the Sensor?

My Sensor is beeping, why?

Where should I place the sensor inside the fridge? (or freezer?)

Where does the Gateway go?

How do I sign into the Enviro-Cloud?

Where is my Username and Password?

What is the Enviro-Cloud and how do I use it?

How long will my data be stored?

Where do I get my Reports?

How do I set up my alarm thresholds?

What is the cost comparison to other systems based on?

What makes your system better?